We are amped up for another Blaze Night at the Rustic Hut in Florence, tonight starting at 8p. Hooking up a kick ass beer and wing special, plus your chance to win your way into Blue October on May 21st.

Over the last couple of months, we have been perfecting a hot wing sauce using the hottest pepper on the planet. The Carolina reaper sauce we have put together is not only hot, but also yummy. Not to mention, the mad scientist behind the sauce has created a new and even hotter version. Your job is to join us every Tuesday for beers, and if you think you can handle the heat, do the Blaze Wing Challenge. Simply put down 8 wings with the signature reaper sauce in under 3 minutes, and we will hook you up with a free PBR and some Blaze shwag. Not to mention a chance at tickets to Blue October.

People all over the country have been developing other ways to punish themselves with the reaper. A redneck named "Catfish" recently downed three raw peppers and chased them with an entire bottle of fireball whiskey. Now, a guy who calls himself the "fire breathing idiot," thought taking a bong rip of a reaper pepper was a good idea. see what happens, and we will see you tonight at the Hut in Florence.

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