Vidiot: Genesis “Land Of Confusion”
I have referenced this video multiple times in my years at 96.3 The Blaze. Disturbed did a kick ass cover of this song a few years back. But the original is still the best. Not the biggest fan of Genesis, but as a child of the MTV generation, I got to admit that this was one of my favorite videos fr…
Texts Of The Unemployed
The Great Economy S**tshow of 2012 left a ton of people unemployed, even some of those good hard workers who pride themselves on never missing a day of work.  That SUCKS.
Happy Birthday YouTube!
It was on this day, February 15th, just 7 years ago that YouTube launched and changed our lives, and the world, forever.
18-Year-Old Birthday Blues
When a boy turns 18 he has to accept the fact that he's no longer a boy and from now on has to meet life's challenges as a man. 18 year-old Josh's first challenge to meet is how to deal with embarrassment. And presenting this challenge is his grandparents, who performed an origina…

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